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Self Worth Is More Important Than Net Worth

The size of your bank balance does not determine your worth….you do!

Losing my mum and father in law over the last 3 months has really prompted me to focus on what is really important in life. Whilst I already have a healthy self image and mindset, I am just as susceptible as the next person to fall into a state of comparison and self doubt. Turning 50 in the next year might have something to do with it as well 

When we measure our worth by external things we run the risk of coming up short every time. We need to be happy in our own skin and recognise what we have instead of what we don’t.

A key ingredient of success in any endeavor is self belief. Backing yourself in and finding out what beliefs and mindsets you have that are not serving you is Step 1 in making the change you want in your personal and business life. It is time to stop living in the past and enjoy the present with a expectation of an amazing future.

Have an amazing week….you deserve it!

Cheers Grant

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