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Many Roads Lead To The Same Destination

One month down, eleven to go!

How quickly does the year get away from us? What has the first month given us and what did we learn? As a part of my yearly plan for Twenty 12, I have signed up for the Tough Mudder Challenge in September with my best friend. The purpose for doing this is not so much about the event itself, more the journey of preparation that gives me the result I want in my overall health and vitality. My mind and body already has developed new resourceful habits around eating, exercise and energy management.

The journey of the last 31 days has taught me so much that I can use in all areas of my life so I thought I would share them with you.

Having A Goal Outside Myself Gives Me The Inspiration To Expand My Comfort Zone

One of the strategies I run to ensure I put in the consistent effort I need to achieve a goal is to involve helping others into the process. Signing up to raise money for Legacy through the Tough Mudder event meant that I had to develop a program of healthy eating, physical exercise and endurance training. 20 kilometres of cross country running through various challenges and obstacles is unfamiliar to me these days and if I didn't put in the training, it would really hurt. The results that come to me in regard to my health and vitality goals are an intrinsic benefit along the way.

Training The Mind Is Just As Important As Training My Body

Although I am a pretty driven guy, I would love to stay in bed at 5.30 in the morning. Without having control on my mind, my mini me would talk me out of getting out of bed and on the road 3 days out of 4. Expanding my mindset as to what is possible is the first step to me going the extra mile and expanding my comfort zone.

Variety Is Great If The Destination Remains The Same

During the past month, there have been days where I have slept in or had some weather challenges that has led me to leaving at a later time than I would like. Because of this I have had to adjust my route and distance to ensure that I get finished in time to have my morning family time that is a non-negotiable to me. What I have learned from this is that staying focused on where I am heading and not getting caught up in the obstacles that sometimes cross my path, is far more resourceful. The end result was still the same, I reached the top of the mountain and enjoyed the fantastic view and tranquility, I just had to adjust to make it happen.

The Only Person I Am Competing With Is Me

Adding a friend, who is a runner and really fit, meant that I had to pace myself and not compare myself to him. I realized that I am only competing with me and no one else. Comparison and an over competitive mindset would not serve me and only produce an injury which would make me unable to compete in the end game.

Balance Is The Essential Key To Longevity

Making sure I have rest days and a day a week where I can eat what I want (funny thing is that I still want to eat healthy on those days) has allowed me to keep up the training regime and at the end of the first month I have so much more energy and am well on track to reach my goal. Involving my family in the process has also allowed me to keep an overall balance in my life and not let this goal consume me.

These are just a few thoughts that came to me as I was running up muddy mountains and I wanted to share them with you.

What has your first month of Twenty 12 given you to think about?

What have you learned along your journey?

I would love to hear about it in the comments box below.

Have an outstanding deserve it!

Cheers Grant


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