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"I Complete Me" - Creating Defining Moments

As we all celebrate the landmark that is 12/12/12, let’s stop and reflect on what and who defines us. Many have chosen this day to mark the occasion of their wedding, to buy a house or other such milestones; defining moments in their lives.

Whilst all this is a bit of fun, what makes it different to any other day? My guess is it is all about the way we approach it. When conscious decisions are made to create defining moments, the action follows to make it become reality.

How then could we apply this principle as a life lesson?

The first step is to form a new belief around who and what defines us. Most people look externally for acceptance and validation and in doing so , we allow others to dictate the defining moments in our lives. Be it a relationship breakdown, a job lost, a potential client who says no, a hurtful word spoken or abuse. When we let these things define us and therefore create our identity beliefs, we give away control of our true potential and the destiny we were created for is sadly put on hold.

Who Completes You?

We have all heard the saying, “he completes me” or “she completes me”. Whilst this makes great dialogue for a Hollywood love scene, when we use this same principle to decide who we are, the results can be far less than otherwise would be possible. What would happen if you were to change that to “I complete me”, giving notice to the world that you are happy with who you are and do not need external acceptance anymore.

Now I am not saying we should become an island and stop having others speak into and share our defining moments with us. What I am saying is that whilst we can learn and grow from what others share with us, it is up to us to decide what defines us. “What other people think of you is none of your business”.

What Defining Moments Did You Decide To Create Today?

As we move towards the end of another fantastic year, what unhealthy defining moments can you let go of and what healthy ones can you replace them with moving forward into the new year and beyond. It can only take one positive defining moment to change your life and put you back on track to become who you were created to become.

Draw a line in the sand today, cut yourself some slack and plan the defining moments you will create in 2013. Have an outrageously awesome Christmas season with yourself and those you love. It has been my absolute pleasure to be a part of your lives this year and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and support you continue to show to me and mine.

Have a positively defining 12/12/12……you deserve it!


Grant Herbert

The People Builder

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